Fast track black belt course in multi disciplines

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Belt belt trainingGet your black belt in two styles (Kempo Chi and Kyusho Jitsu)
Shodan Ho Kempo Chi and Shodan Kyusho Jitsu

HTTP : Human Pressure Point Tactics level one and two

Sign up and receive:

Amazing opportunity to gain a Black Belt in both Kempo Chi and an internationally recognised Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu, that YOU will be graded and signed off by Professor Steve Stewart (whom I am a direct student of).

At the completion of your training you will receive full support from both myself and my business partners at Motive MMA.

With systems in place your potential income is only limited by the effort you as a fitness professional put in, This will be YOUR business with my support.

The commitment I ask of you is 3 training sessions per week…As an accelerated course your participation is vital.

Fee’s for the month are a mere $160.00 which barely cover my costs (insurance and dojo hiring fee), which will be by way of direct debt from your nominated bank account. Plus a one of sign up fee of $180 which includes a training bag, go,rubber training knife, wooden training sword and other protective equipment. 
This allows you to focus on your training.

Additional training will be done via a trainers portal on my web site.

I am the founder of a system known as Kempo Chi and have international recognition from The World Organisers of Martial Arts (WOMA).