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I had a humble upbringing with three other brothers, we all loved our sports, our father taught us boxing from earlier age,I can remember sparring with my older brother Eddy at the age of two years, wearing horsehair boxing gloves, being the second oldest of four brothers we learnt how to handle ourselves and were respected at schools because of our sporting abilities plus we could all handle our selfs in a fight. Joining Parramatta police boys for boxing this was my opportunity to start learning karate. So after my boxing class, I will join in with the karate class before I went home. And Not let my father know about the karate class cause I don't want to cop a clip in the ear. As I got older having left home at the age of 15 having physically and mentally abusive father, I was living on the streets doing it rough, I ended up in a bit of trouble and spent a few occasions, time in lock up. I said to myself; I will straighten myself up & Control my temper and learn self-discipline and put my abilities to work for me and work on getting my black belt in martial arts. I was only 18 at the time and was well known on the streets as a street fighter. So I joined the style called Zen Chi Ryu. This is where I met Hanshi Ron Jennings back in 1983.The founder was Shihan Kyoshi  Tom Slaven. I rose up the ranks quickly joining The Australian Kempo full contact team. I fought in the super middleweight division, fighting in the kung-Fu & Wu-Shu Federation South Pacific titles.1984 I beat the Papa New Guinea champion, but was beaten in the final by Clay Sweeney. One of my older brothers rugby league teammates. During this time I started work in security in popular nightspots at Terrigal as a bouncer, or as it's called today security. 

As I was known now for fighting in the South Pacific tiles, coming runner-up, I rang up a connection from Zen Chi Ryu in Canberra ACT who was working on the New Parliament construction site and applied for a job as security; this started my security career. I started on the bottom on the gates. Then move to the areas where I looked after north and south section, and then moved on to security escort and personal protection. In this position, I now escorted the Prime Minister of Australia, of the time and many other diplomats visiting the New Parliament House site.  In 1988 when  Queen Elizabeth the second of England opened New Parliament House, Shihan Kyoshi Tom Slaven's called me back from a job I was on doing the BLF demarcation in Sydney. To be a part of the security team, when Queen Elizabeth the second open New Parliament House. 

After leaving and moving on in my life I stayed in the security industry working in pubs and nightclubs also worked as a gym instructor, I taught high school sports in the gym, as well as playing rugby league in first and second grade. While playing rugby league for Inverell, I started teaching Kempo International in a small country town. During this time I received brainstem damage on the job, stopping a fight on the street, working in a hotel night club. This caused injury to myself, and I ended up living again on the street living rough. This gives me time to learn to control my body, speech, mind again, having damaged motor skills because of the injuries. l worked on formulating my own style, Kempo Chi. In 2005 I started training in Kyusho Jitsu pressure point combat. And in March 2015 I receive my master belt.        

In this time in 2012, I started work at the Department of Premier and Cabinet, as a Parliamentary driver where I drove many ministers and diplomats and was also on the driving staff for Prince Harry of England. And driving for Federal and State Governor's General. Having now retired from security and Parliamentary driving I now have time to concentrate on creating my own style Kempo.chi. Which I have merged with Shihan Kyoshi Tom Slaven's techniques with Kyusho Jitsu pressure point combat. 

My credentials are.

  • Kempo Full contact Black Belt.
  • Zen Chi Ryu Shodan.
  • Kempo International Shodan.
  • Kyusho Jitsu  Master. 4th Dan.
  • The founder of Kempo.Chi -Kyoshi, Hanshidan.


Little bit about my background hope you enjoying reading about me. And hope to hear from you and train with you soon.

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Fast track black belt course in multi disciplines

Belt belt trainingGet your black belt in two styles (Kempo Chi and Kyusho Jitsu)
Shodan Ho Kempo Chi and Shodan Kyusho Jitsu

HTTP : Human Pressure Point Tactics level one and two

Sign up and receive:

  • Training Gi
  • Shin Pads
  • Mits
  • Wooden training sword (Bokken)
  • Training rubber knife

Amazing opportunity to gain a Black Belt in both Kempo Chi and an internationally recognised Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu, that YOU will be graded and signed off by Professor Steve Stewart (whom I am a direct student of).

At the completion of your training you will receive full support from both myself and my business partners at Motive MMA.

With systems in place your potential income is only limited by the effort you as a fitness professional put in, This will be YOUR business with my support.

The commitment I ask of you is 3 training sessions per week…As an accelerated course your participation is vital.

Fee’s for the month are a mere $160.00 which barely cover my costs (insurance and dojo hiring fee), which will be by way of direct debt from your nominated bank account. Plus a one of sign up fee of $180 which includes a training bag, go,rubber training knife, wooden training sword and other protective equipment. 
This allows you to focus on your training.

Additional training will be done via a trainers portal on my web site.

I am the founder of a system known as Kempo Chi and have international recognition from The World Organisers of Martial Arts (WOMA).


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