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 About Brett Keating

The significant milestones in the personal and professional Martial Arts training and development and career of Brett James Keating of Gosford in the state of New South Wales 2015.

I started my training in the field of Boxing and Martial Arts at a very young age, these disciplines allowed me to excel in my physical fitness and my emotional and mental concentration and well being.

I have participated in team sports from junior to senior levels in Rugby League and Aussie Rules and have been part of winning teams that have achieved Premierships at both junior and senior levels.

A major achievement in my Martial Arts skills was representing Zen Chi Ryu in the Australian Kempo full contact team, as the super middle weight champion from 1984 – 1989.

During this time I was employed in the new Parliament House in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) the duties I was responsible for during this time were:-

  1. security officer 
  2. security escort 
  3. senior body guard

As senior bodyguard I was responsible for the safety and protection of the Australian Prime Minister at the time as well as many foreign diplomats.

I was also responsible for the instruction and training of the Australian Federal Police and Parliament House security officers. I was instrumental in the development and implementation of a Defence and Professional Seminar for the AFP as well as being the senior instructor.

I also played an active role in the development of classes for Zen Chi Ryu at the ACT Dojo. At the completion of my employment I achieved Mentoring Accreditation and undertook to participate as a mentor in a high school teaching program that was for a specialist behavioural program.

Throughout the past 33years I have been employed in a number of key positions. I am currently employed as senior security manager and RSA Marshal for a major hotel company on the Central Coast. In this role I have to deal with a range of disturbances from violent behaviour, argumentative and very difficult and sometimes belligerent clients, I have on a number of occasions had to administer CPR and rescue a number of young women from aggressive unwanted sexual encounters.

As of 2012 until June 2015 I expanded my employment opportunities and as such I held a position within the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet as a ministerial driver.



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